Venture Capital
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Venture Capital

“…The Bay Area is the global center for venture capital (VC), accounting for 36 percent of VC investments in the U.S. and 20 percent of all global VC investments…The Bay Area ranks as the No. 1 region for amount of VC funding raised per 1,000 population (2007) and its share of venture investment has been stable over time…”

“Venture Capital (VC) and the Bay Area are in many ways synonymous.  The funding that supports innovation and helps build new and innovative businesses often originate from the VC community.  Innovation attracts more venture capital, and more venture capital spurs further innovation….”

“In 2005 through 2009, VC investments in the Bay Area were mainly concentrated in software (22 percent), biotech (12 percent), semiconductors and medical devices (each at 11 percent), and industrial/energy (9 percent).  The most notable growth over this period came in industrial/energy, biotech, and medical devices & equipment.  In sum, the portfolio mix of venture capital, because of its strong ties to the region, continues playing to many of our strengths…”

Above statements from:

“Recession and Recovery:
An Economic Reset”Bay Area Economic Profile
April 2010

Comment by Lenny Mendonca, Chairman, McKinsey Global Institute (McKinsey & Company provided pro bono assistance in the preparation of the above Economic Profile”)”

“While in a traditional position of strength when it comes to VC, now is the time for the Bay Area to double-down on the intrinsic elements that attract and retain both the funding and the talent essential to the region’s future growth. This means renewed attention to education, infrastructure and quality of life investments that pay real dividends over the long-term.”

Quotes by key venture capitalists – their perspectives on compelling factors which established this sector as a key strength in Bay Area’s leadership – but also sounding a warning about issues in the region which must be addressed in order for us to retain our favored position.

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