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BASIC, an action-oriented collaboration of Bay Area research universities, national laboratories, independent research institutions, and research and development businesses, is dedicated to:

  • Providing forums for Bay Area science and technology innovators to share ideas and collaborate on challenges to advance the region and nation’s R&D leadership;
  • Advocating for key science and technology-related initiatives at regional, state and federal levels;
  • Bringing science to the local and global communities by promoting Bay Area science and technology achievements and the societal benefits resulting from the achievements.

The power of BASIC is derived from the combined strengths of its member organizations and its communities of science and technology leaders.


BASIC (Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium) is the science and technology arm of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute within the Bay Area Council.  Each of the three entities has its individual governing board and its individual focus.  All come together under the Bay Area Council umbrella to advance the competitiveness of the Bay Area.

BASIC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of approximately 25 high-level leaders of major research universities, national laboratories, independent research institutions and research and development-driven businesses.  BASIC’s strength is based on the direct leadership of its Board of Directors, the value of its projects in advancing the Bay Area’s leadership in science technology and innovation, and its virtual forums of science and technology communities.  It is not a membership entity.
(website:  wwwbayareabasic.org)

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute, a major entity within the Bay Area Council, is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of approximately 60 public, private, academic, labor and community leaders.  The Economic Institute focuses on balanced research and analysis supporting the economic vitality and competitiveness of California and the Bay Area.  The Institute has a special focus on international econo
mic competitiveness and coordination, and on public policy at the federal and state levels.  The Institute oversees BASIC, the Foundation’s science and technology arm.  It also oversees the Bay Area Council’s global activity, including relationships with global partners, and international public policy and business development initiatives.  The Institute is not a membership entity, but works through an extensive network of public and private sector organizations.
(website: www.bayareaeconomy.org)

The Bay Area Council is governed through an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors composed of corporate CEO’s and other high-level executives.  The Council is a business-sponsored, public-policy organization that advocates for a strong economy, vital business environment and regional quality of life.  The Council focuses on regional public policy in the following areas:  Education and Workforce Preparedness, Energy, Environment, Collaborative Governance, Global Competitiveness, Healthcare, Housing and Land Use, Information and Communication Technology, Mobility, and Security and Preparedness.  The Council has a special emphasis on international competitiveness, and on public policy at the federal and state levels.  It has a membership of approximately 275 employers and a vast network covering both public and private sector organizations.
(website:  www.bayareacouncil.org)

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